Thank You

The show was an undeniable success and we have you to thank for it.  You the artists, you the attendees, you the bidders, you the sponsors, you the volunteers and you the tireless charities that have been on the ground fending for those who need help the most; those of you who are now receiving the funds we raised last week.

There’s not much to say besides that.  We started this project as an effort to do something, anything, to help.  And it worked.  There is so much more to do, there are so many still in need.  Photos continue to pour in of those displaced, trying to pull together some semblance of their former lives.  To that all we can say is please feel free to continue to donate (see our “Donate” tab, above) or GO.  Go to these communities.  Grab a box of joe and some gloves, maybe a shovel and bring a smile because there is more work to be done, and every little bit counts.

Thank you again.


The Bring Back the Boardwalks team.

P.S.: To see how the money is being allocated, you can check our Donations page and most (not all) of our charities have a real time counter of the over $53,000.00 in contributions raised through our efforts.